Umehara san’s kissing sound just dropped today !

Umehara Yuuichirou san

You know how every single one of us has her fav seiyuu to fantasize about every single night ? I know that Domon Atsushi san (aka Satou Takuya san, aka Dear Brazen Boyfriend) is real high up on the list and no fucking wonder. However, sorry but i still hold on to that special guy that i will keep a warm place (inside of me) for, on top (of me) of my list. I just know that Umehara san will make you second guess when he’ll finally take on some straight up R18 drama cds, i don’t know when, but when he does, i will B’n’T (buy and translate). So this is the title of that upcoming Situation Drama CD 「ワケアリ四畳半 Room3 ズルい×ディーラー」 or “Special Circumstances, Studio Apartement Room 3, CunningxDealer” due to be released on november 27th.


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