Concerning chapt 02 of Incubus Bros

I’ve been trying to upload this chapter, the second out of the 4 i have left, for 4 days now. It seems that i reached my quota for weekly upload. Nevertheless, i am afraid that that chapter won’t be up on my website today, thus we won’t have a chapter for this week considering we’re almost monday over here in france…I am as annoyed as you are – J’ai un souci pour mettre en ligne le second chapitre d’Incubus, de ce fait et comme nous sommes à 2 heures d’être lundi, il n’y aura donc pas eu de nouveau chapitre pour cette semaine. Je pense que cela vient de mon quota de mise en ligne dépassé ??? J’espère que lundi il sera effectivement ligne au lieu d’être bloqué dans son stade “d’upload” avec ce cercle qui tourne à l’infini….Je suis aussi agaçée que vous.


Seiyuu Facts news

Regarding that section of my website, i put it on hold for indefinite time so as to have more time for my drawings. Stay tune for next week second chapter of “Incubus” – Concernant cette section de mon site, j’ai décidé de mettre en pause indéfiniment car je veux reprendre mes dessins. À la semaine prochaine pour le second chapitre “d’Incubus” et à demain pour le 3ème chapitre de “Rideau De Pluie”.

Umehara san’s kissing sound just dropped today !

Umehara Yuuichirou san

You know how every single one of us has her fav seiyuu to fantasize about every single night ? I know that Domon Atsushi san (aka Satou Takuya san, aka Dear Brazen Boyfriend) is real high up on the list and no fucking wonder. However, sorry but i still hold on to that special guy that i will keep a warm place (inside of me) for, on top (of me) of my list. I just know that Umehara san will make you second guess when he’ll finally take on some straight up R18 drama cds, i don’t know when, but when he does, i will B’n’T (buy and translate). So this is the title of that upcoming Situation Drama CD 「ワケアリ四畳半 Room3 ズルい×ディーラー」 or “Special Circumstances, Studio Apartement Room 3, CunningxDealer” due to be released on november 27th.